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I don’t know what I love more. Seeing Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, or seeing Peter Capaldi completely geeking out about being the Doctor. :)



Ok I kinda love Danny already, BUT

I hope they’re not just putting him as a stud for Clara to be with , now the Doctor is not romanticly interested in her  anymore. I mean cmon, no need for that.  Just give some alone time and development for Clara , pretty please?

I have a feeling it’s to do with the fact he’s a soldier. It’s been properly nailed in this episode that the Doctor hates soldiers. Why , when he himself was a soldier during the time war? I think they’re using Danny as a mirror for the Doctor, so maybe they will help each other put their demons to rest.

Also yeah, flirty banter with Clara.


inspirational doctor who quotes to live by: "don’t be lasagne"


I’ve taken the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge the coward way (I’m sick!)

I wasn’t challenged, but I challenged myself. And I challenge all of you to go donate if you can. Or simply help spread the word <3!

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Trying to be careful about doctor who spoilers

But if I miss one I apologise.tagging doctor who and dw spoilers

Benedict Cumberbatch does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Video // Donate

I’ll never not reblog this.

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The unintended side effect of the Ice Bucket Challenge is that it’s giving celebrities the opportunity to be cute, entertaining, and perhaps even likeable.

But they can all go home now because Benedict Cumberbatch, a spokesperson for the MND Association (Britain’s ALS organization) has done his video, answering Hiddleston’s challenge, and it is the best of the celebrity videos so far. First, he makes a point of mentioning how to donate, an important step many videos skip, and then he does the challenge five times—once while naked. I’m pretty sure all of Tumblr is in a coma right now.  

I worry for his phone and his suit.